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"The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth." - Henry Louis Mencken: American humorous journalist, 1880-1956

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Are you Alex Jones?
Nope. I'm just a listener from New York. My name is Joe.

Why did you create this site?
I often hear callers on Alex's show mention how they have a hard time finding information on his web sites. I have as well from time to time. The default search engine they're using from Atomz doesn't really do a good job of indexing everything in a comprehensive manner and Mr. Jones has mentioned on the air that getting a better search engine would probably cost him a bundle. Since I've got a little bit of programming knowledge, I thought I'd try to help out and whip up something a bit better at no cost to them.

Why is the site called
I thought the quickest way to get it up was to register my own domain for it. I don't have administrative access to the site, and I doubt they'd give their login username/password to someone that contacted them out of the blue and simply said "hey give me access to your server so I can set up a search engine". lol. I have sent Alex and his webmasters an e-mail about this site.

How can I help support this site?
Use it. People using the site to locate information they otherwise may have had a hard time finding elsewhere makes me feel all the work put into this was worth it. Tell a friend who might be interested. If you've got a web site, I'd really appreciate a link. If you really want to support the cause, go sign up over at Alex's site. I've got a membership there and can tell you that it's well worth the $5.95 a month for all the great audio and video that they are putting up.

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I have a cool site, can I put the search box on it?
You sure can! Cut and paste HTML codes are now available:

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