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"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth." - Albert Einstein

I often make MP3 files of segments on the show or if Alex goes off into a good rant. I've decided to start making them available here. Feel free to download them and spread them around, share them with friends, etc.

Alex Jones On:

The Iran Threat vs China Threat - January 31st 2006 (17 minutes / 2mb)
Did you know China has threatened to nuke the United States, and apparently has 200 cities targeted? Alex goes into detail about the differnece between the threats posed by Iran and those posed by China, why the media is focused on Iran.
Read More: Top Chinese General warns US over Attack (Financial Times)

Dangers of Aspartame and other poisons - February 1st 2006 (10 minutes / 1mb)
Ales goes into the origins of Aspartame, how dangerous it is according to research papers, how your friends/family just smirk at you while they drink their diet coke when you try to tell them about this and more. While on the topic, Alex also talks about flouride and depleted uranium.
Read More: Aspartame Dangers (

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